Sustainability Program for 

(EASI) Entrance Automation Systems INC.



Our goal is to use environmentally friendly materials whenever available and to recycle products at every possible opportunity.

The material which is the make-up of our automatic door systems is manufactured of aluminum from raw sources, as, at this time, the engineering design of the product does not allow the use of recycled materials. Any scrap aluminum that we obtain through removal of existing materials is always recycled.

Our products are shipped crated in cardboard. All cardboard is removed, cut-up and recycled.

Our systems are self-contained and do not use any petroleum products other than small amounts of grease lubricant.

If adhesives or sealants are required for our portion of a project, we use the most environmentally friendly products that are currently available (while adhering to building design requirements).

Our office team recycles waste paper and cardboard. We use reusable cups and glasses for our beverages and any outside drinking cups that are brought into the office are recycled whenever possible. We purchase environmentally friendly cleaning products for office and on-site cleaning. When possible, we purchase items made of environmentally friendly materials for our promotional items (such as bags made of recycled materials). We use energy efficient lighting throughout the premises.

We encourage our staff to follow the same types of guidelines in their personal life.

By following the above guidelines, we have reduced our waste significantly and we hope that we have set a good example for our employees to make them more environmentally conscious. We are pleased with our contribution and we will continue to work on our carbon footprint.