(EASI) Entrance Automation Systems INC.

Health & Safety Policy


(EASI) Entrance Automation Systems Inc. wants its workplaces to healthy and safe environments. To achieve this, we will establish and maintain an occupational health and safety program designed to prevent injuries and disease. We are responsible for providing workers with adequate instruction in health and safety and for addressing unsafe situations in a timely and effective manner. All workers and service contractors are required to work safely and to know and follow our company guidelines for safe work procedures whether on or around our company premises or on a job site outside of the office.


Employers responsibilities include:

  • Establishing the health and safety program

  • Conducting an annual review in January of each year

  • Providing health and safety orientation information to new employees

  • Providing ongoing training to staff

  • Taking part in inspections and investigations

  • Addressing any safety or health hazards

Workers responsibilities include:

  • Learning and following safe work procedures

  • Correcting hazards and/or reporting them to their employer

  • Participating in inspections and investigations where appropriate

  • Using personal protective equipment where required

  • Helping to create a safe workplace by adhering to the health and safety policy and reporting any potential problems in an expedient manner

(EASI) Entrance Automation Systems Inc. will provide a workplace inspection checklist that will be consistently used to ensure the workplace is kept safe.


(EASI) Entrance Automation Systems Inc. will provide a workplace inspection report to document the results of workplace inspections.


(EASI) Entrance Automation Systems Inc. will provide each employee with a hazard identification checklist for their review and attention.


(EASI) Entrance Automation Systems Inc. will ensure that employees attend any job site orientation meetings that are required. If there are no formal meetings in place, our employees are required to follow the health and safety protocol as outlined in our Health and Safety Program and to familiarize themselves with all facilities on the jobsite.